Return & Exchange Policies

Under normal circumstances, products will be shipped within 48 hours of placing an order.
The following situations may affect the delivery date:

  •     1. Wrong address or missing information may lead to undeliverable mail and affect delivery time. The purchaser is responsible for the loss of products during shipment. Please ensure that the mailing address is full and correct when placing an order.
  •     2. Orders placed during Public Holidays will experience some delays.
  •     3. Other temporarily or unexpected events (and unpredictable and unavoidable situations) will affect the delivery date.

    Return/ Exchange Services:
    One-time online return or in store exchange is permitted within 14 days of delivery.
    Online return services: online returns will only issue refunds, does not accept exchanges.
    In store exchange services: local store will only accept exchanges, does not issue refunds.
    Online return procedures:



    The following issues do not warrant for a return/ exchange. We appreciate your understanding.
    1. Colour differences: The material of the clothes, colour of the monitor screen, etc may cause a slight difference in colour. The actual product in shipment is the correct colour.
    2. Sizing: Measurements are based on average sizing. Each individual may measure each product differently. Differences within 2-3 cm is normal and is not a reason for return.
    3. Final sale items: For hygienic and safety reasons, the following products are not returnable/ exchangeable.
    – a. Hadagi
    – b. Towels/ boxed towels
    – c. Underwear
    – d. Eating utensils/ water bottles/ cups/ bowls
    – e. Baby chair/ Baby bathtub
    – f. Socks/ room shoes
    – g. Toys
    – h. Pillows
    – i. Playpads
    – j. Blankets
    – k. Hair accessory
    – l. Sunscreen & soap
    – m. Bib

    Special Note:
    1. Returns without “Return Authorization Number” will not be accepted. If the product does not meet our Return/ Exchange policy, we reserve the rights to refuse the return/exchange of the products.
    2. If there is a price discrepancy between the local store and the online store, prices cannot be adjusted for the difference.
    3. If the product become on promotion within 14 days of placing the order (only for online store and if the product is in stock), we will reimburse the difference into credit note format.

    Store Contact Information:
    Telephone:(604) 763-4888
    Wechat: willandharry
    Address:6551 Number 3 Rd Unit 1430, Richmond, BC V6Y 2B6






  •     1、 地址错误或者不详细,将会导致无法配送,影响到货时间,且若发生损失需要由买家承担,请务必在下单前确认收件地址的正确性及完整性。
  •     2、 加拿大法定节假日期间下单可能会影响到货时间。
  •     3、 其他临时或突发情况(一些不可预知、不可抗拒的情况)将会影响到货时间。

    顾客确认收货后,14天内 可选择一次性网络退货服务实体店换货服务
    网络退货服务: 加拿大官方网站只接受退货服务,暂不接受换货服务。
    实体店换货服务: 加拿大实体店只接受换货服务,暂不接受退货服务。


    下载 产品退换单

    1、 色差: 由于衣服材质,显示器设置等原因,可能导致图片与实物存在细微的差别,最终验收以实际商品为准;
    2、 尺码: 尺寸均为平铺测量,每个人测量手法会有所不同,误差在2-3厘米之内为正常现象,不作为退货理由;
    3、 特殊产品: 由于婴幼儿产品的卫生安全,以下产品一经发货不接受退款 /换货服务。
    – 婴儿内衣/Hadagi
    – 毛巾/盒装毛巾
    – 内衣
    – 餐具/水壶/杯/碗
    – 袜子/室内鞋
    – 玩具
    – 枕头
    – 玩具垫/ Playpads
    – 毯子
    – 发饰
    – 防晒霜和肥皂

    1若没有退换货授权码,您的退换要求将不被接受。 如果产品不符合我们的退换要求,我们将保留拒绝产品退换货的权利。
    2 加拿大官方网站与加拿大实体店的商品销售价格若有差异,不做价格比对调整。

    微信帐号: willandharry
    地址:6551 Number 3 Rd Unit 1430, Richmond, BC V6Y 2B6




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